Professional Organizer Coach

Compassionate Individualized Approach

Disorganization appears in many forms and is the source of frustration, stress, and loss of the control of your space, time and life. This comes not only from “stuff” and time management challenges, but also from the thoughts and beliefs that hold you back from achieving your heart’s desire.

Barbara takes a compassionate and individualized approach with her clients. When life feels overwhelming and out of sync, she helps you restore your peace of mind. With caring optimism, she partners with you to assess your situation, clarify your goals, and design solutions that fit your needs.

The result is a life that is more peaceful, more balanced, more purposeful.

Ready to clear your physical, mental and emotional clutter? Ready to organize your space or time, simplify your life, or live in a way that allows you to breathe easier? Divine Order offers a variety of services tailored to meet your needs:

Organizer Coaching – Whether it’s the physical or mental clutter that keeps you stuck, Barbara will help you clear the way to a life that serves you through coaching sessions by phone or a combination of onsite and phone appointments. And she provides tools and strategies you can use to reach and sustain your organizing success!

Productivity Coaching – Roadblocks to productivity usually indicate non-working or non-existent systems, as well as behaviors and routines that can sabotage performance. Barbara works with you to identify what gets in your way and how to break the cycle of spinning your wheels.

Life and Time Management Coaching – Too much to do and too little time. It’s the mantra of adults of all ages and all situations. Barbara offers a unique perspective about time management and helps you gain clarity about what’s important to you and the life you want to live. The result is greater ease in deciding how to spend your time!

Life Transitions Coaching – Change is hard, even good change. And change is inevitable. Working with Barbara allows you to learn strategies to navigate change and life transitions in a way that maintains your personal sense of peace and serenity.

Adult ADHD Coaching – Diagnosed with ADHD? Experiencing executive function challenges such as procrastination, poor time management, self-activating, remembering? Barbara can assist in adopting strategies that position you for success and to live a calmer, more balanced life.

It's time to create your harmony

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