Praise from Barbara's clients

Barbara could see deeper than just our clutter, she could see the real roots of the problem. She helped us to realize that it’s not about the “stuff”, but rather what it represents and how it holds us back from happy, healthy and functioning lives. Over the course of a few months Barbara literally transformed our lives. She helped us break through the emotional barriers by really caring and investing herself in our project. She did so with such humor and grace that it made the whole process fun, relaxing and rewarding.


I can’t say enough about having Barbara as my coach. Her knowledge and experience, combined with her excellent coaching and intuitive skills took me from uncertainty to clarity very quickly. Not only did every session with Barbara help me to discover new and valuable information about myself, her humor, gentle wisdom and unconditional support provided just what I needed to move past the fears, doubts and limiting beliefs that were keeping me stuck. With Barbara’s coaching I was able to dig deep and uncover the ways that I was getting in my own way, then move forward in creating a joyful balance in both my personal and professional lives. Barbara made the process fun and encouraged me to remain true to my own core values every step of the way. I highly recommend Barbara to anyone desiring growth and clarity in their personal or professional lives. She is one of a kind.


I have worked with Barbara on several projects in my home. In a short amount of time with her help and coaching, a major drain on my life and resources was completely turned around. She was supportive, encouraging, and asking key questions as I evaluated all my things. She approaches her work with kindness, humor, compassion and a plethora of skills to get it done! I've worked with several professional organizers over the years and Barbara is by far the best. The name of her company - Divine Order - is exactly what she brings. I highly, highly recommend her services


I just want to thank you for your coaching. This year is turning out to be the single best year of my professional career. Everything I’m touching is turning to gold right now, and a lot of that has to do with your help. Thanks!


My life has changed since hiring Barbara as my coach.  She is intuitive and intelligent, compassionate and curious and I always learn something deep and true about myself in her presence. Her gifted coaching is genuinely from the heart. Barbara brings an amazing capacity of knowing just what I need from our coaching sessions and she has helped me manifest my intentions with humor and grace.


Barbara is consistently professional, well-organized, and thorough -- wrapping it all in humor.  In working with Barbara, she brings a can-do attitude without any judgment.  You don’t have to feel embarrassed with Barbara (despite how bad it can be) and she helps you see new ways at looking at your stuff.   Barbara completes the process by helping you define ways for maintaining the new level of order so you can do it on your own.


Buried in clutter! I called Barbara Bougher although I felt it was useless. Barbara knew otherwise. Still skeptical, I began an inner and outer transformation. Barbara is a life coach who listens. She helped me walk through blocks and resistance with loving questions, total support and love. We went at my pace and comfort level. In the beginning it was painful for me to release anything, but as we worked together, the easier it was for me to let go and release things. Today, I live uncluttered and can hardly believe it. Nevertheless, it's true.  Barbara is skilled, professional, joyful and fun to work with. Thank you, Barbara.


Thank you so much for all of your help and for following up with me. I am so happy that you do what you do. Please keep up the great work! Your work is definitely needed and appreciated.


I have always been an organized person. Then my husband died unexpectedly, and my life was turned upside down. To say I was overwhelmed was a gross understatement.  To all of this Barbara brought her very calm, gentle and warm presence.  She is very professional and I had complete confidence that I was in good hands.  I have been grateful for her help many times.


Praise from Barbara's Speaking Engagements

We appreciate the time you took to speak to our group of 100+ attendees at our local training event. You confirmed what we as leaders have been teaching our teams and your words resonated with those in attendance. After you spoke several said, "This is EXACTLY what I needed right now." Others stated, "I loved how Barbara broke down the steps in breaking mental barriers."


Barbara is a wonderful speaker. As you might guess her presentation was very well organized with great information. Barbara has a gift for sharing her insights with warmth and humor.


We loved having you, it was a great presentation. You are wonderful at speaking in front of people.  Maybe you should run for office!


Thank you so very much for agreeing to speak to our Seniors' group yesterday and for presenting such valuable, useable information along with your personal tidbits for extra measure! We have had several positive comments and appreciate your time and input. Thanks again.


Thank you so much for doing the great presentation for our group. I heard so many good comments from the attendees about what you had to say and your skills as a speaker – outstanding!


I was so pleased with your presentation for our group. You brought information that can be easily applied without becoming another component for an overwhelming situation.


Praise from Readers of Barbara's Book

I am resonating with Embracing Conscious Simplicity. For me, there is a lot of content that is hitting home. I have made a list of areas that I need to de-clutter and it is a long list! Somehow, I feel that the clutter is also related to my weight issues. I'm feeling like the connections the authors make between the inside/outside clutter are really poignant. Whew! ....moving into this arena has much to offer and I am grateful.


Reading Embracing Conscious Simplicity was like suddenly seeing my stuff with a different pair of glasses.


I loved Embracing Conscious Simplicity. I got rid of a lot stuff after my parents died and I had been working on things of mine that I just need to let go but it kind of got put on the back burner.  Your book has inspired me to restart the process.  One of the first things I let go was an old birdhouse that my Dad made years ago.  He has been gone 6 years, and it has laid out in the garage and collected dirt as we planned to glue it back together sometime. What would I end up with? Just another thing that I have no idea what I would do with it.  Sort of like the orchid story in your book - I didn't even like it. I’m having fun but it is pretty sobering.


As an organizer coach, I fell in love with this book from the first page and have already bought three copies for my clients. The message is so powerful – it’s both our inner and outer clutter that we need to explore to find the life we are seeking.